Everything You Need To Run Profitable Pay-Per-Call Campaigns

Training, Landing Pages, Follow-Ups, Automations, Creatives All In One, Over 25 tools and systems in one subscription




Unlimited Landing Pages

Create unlimited websites and landing pages using an easy drag-and-drop builder, or work with our team to design the website or online store of your dreams.


UNIK's Proven Templates

Our software comes preloaded with UNIK's affiliate marketing templates for multiple high-converting offers. All you have to do is connect your domain and send in traffic.


SMS Marketing

Blast out your latest promotion to all of your entire customer base. Even better, you can personalize their name and respond to them from inside of Serve Dash.


Email Marketing

Ditch your current email marketing software for our easy to use drag-and drop-builder. Effortlessly get your latest sale or update to your customers' inbox.


Call Tracking

Track calls from your website or marketing campaign. *UNIK360 provides basic call tracking, recording and forwarding. For advanced tracking you need to get Ringba. UNIK360 is not an alternative to Ringba.


Unified Inbox

A single inbox from which you can manage every single conversation a lead has with your business. Be it email, SMS, phone calls, Facebook chats , Instagram chats, or even webchats.



With custom automation triggers and full platform integration, you’ll be able to create personal experiences for your audience without extra effort for you and your team.


Forms, Surveys & Quizzes

Create forms for use anywhere leads or customers may want to get in touch with you. Their info automatically syncs with the rest of the platform.

Instantly Clone Our High-Converting D.F.Y. Landing Pages

Say goodbye to time-consuming landing page setup and focus on what really matters - generating

income. Our software comes pre-packed with DFY landing pages in all the major verticals.

  • Stop wasting testing budget to figure out what landing page works best. Use our proven D.F.Y Landers which are optimized for maximum conversions.

  • Streamlined Setup: Our click-and-drag interface makes it easy to customize high-converting landing pages in minutes.

  • Faster Speeds, Better Conversions: Our optimized landing pages are designed to load quickly and increase conversion rates.

  • No Technical Skills Required: Our software is designed for marketers, not coders. No technical expertise needed to create professional-grade landing pages.

UNIK Creative Library

The ultimate solution for social media advertisers seeking high-quality creatives to maximize their ROI.
Get access to our proven and tested creatives, updated every week, and take the hassle out of

content creation.

  • Stay ahead of the competition by using our high-quality, proven, and tested creatives added every week.

  • Stop wasting a ton of time and money finding new creatives. Let UNIK Creative Library do the heavy lifting for you.

  • Access a wide variety of creatives, including images and videos ensuring you have everything you need to create successful ad campaigns in all major verticals.

Powerful Automations For A Seamless Connection With Your Audience

Effortlessly create personalized experiences for your audience with our custom automation triggers

and seamless platform integration. Save time and resources for you and your team while delivering

exceptional customer experiences.

  • Visual Automation Builder: Our user-friendly visual automation builder empowers you to design complex workflows with ease. Simply drag and drop triggers, actions, and conditions to create automated processes that cater to your specific business needs.

  • Web Phone Dialer: Stay connected with your audience through our web phone dialer feature. Make and receive calls directly from your browser, eliminating the need for additional hardware or software.

  • Two-Way SMS: Enhance your communication capabilities with our two-way SMS functionality. Engage in interactive conversations with your audience via text messages, allowing for seamless and efficient communication.

Amplify Your Reach: Social Media Integration Made Easy!

Expand your reach and engage with your audience on popular social media platforms with our

seamless integrations.

  • Facebook CAPI Integration: Unlock the full potential of Facebook's Conversions API (CAPI) with our integration. Seamlessly track and measure the effectiveness of your Facebook ads, optimizing your marketing strategies for better results.

  • Facebook Chat Bots: Provide instant responses to Facebook customer inquiries, deliver targeted content, and increase engagement, all while saving time and resources.

  • Instagram Chat Bots: Boost your Instagram presence with our chat bot integration. Automate conversations, deliver personalized messages, and provide valuable information to your followers.

Unlock The Full Potential Of UNIK360 By

Joining Our Exclusive Community

Learn & Build Together With Other UNIK360 users.

  • Access to Private Facebook group: Connect with like-minded individuals, gain valuable insights on the latest lead gen trends and strategies.

  • Learn from Experts: Stay ahead of the curve with insider knowledge and expert guidance to optimize your UNIK360 experience.

  • Early Product Updates: Stay informed about the latest features, updates, and releases before anyone else. As a member of the UNIK360 Exclusive Community, you'll be the first to know about new functionalities and improvements, allowing you to maximize your productivity and stay ahead of the competition.

Your Pay-Per-Call Journey Simplified.

From beginners to professionals, UNIK360 is the solution to transcend the challenges of the pay-per-call marketing industry. Starting a business can be tough, that's why we created UNIK360 to transform 'tough' into 'achievable'. Say goodbye to multiple subscriptions and tools. Our comprehensive platform has everything you need to build and manage your pay-per-call business.

Our Pricing

Single Pricing. Unlimited Everything

All the necessary TOOLS for profitable campaigns

Essentials: Our Essentials package provides you with all the necessary tools to run profitable Pay-Per-Call campaigns. From comprehensive tracking and reporting features to effective lead generation strategies, this package covers all the essentials you need for success. Get started with the Essentials package for just $97.



  • A-to-Z Pay-Per-Call Training

  • D.F.Y. Image & Video Ads

  • D.F.Y. Proven Landing Pages

  • D.F.Y. Follow-up Sequences

  • Access to UNIK Creative Library

  • High-Converting Image Ads

  • High-Converting Video Ads

  • Weekly Creative Updates

  • Unlimited Websites

  • Unlimited Contacts

  • Unlimited CRM

  • Unlimited Forms

  • Unlimited Landing Pages

Our Happy Customers

Achieving profitable results with our Pay-Per-Call campaigns.

Really like how easy Unik360 is for creating call funnels. Worth having a custom tailored software like this vs a regular funnel builder. The templates and quiz builder are super clutch and easily shaves hours of work off new setups. The support has been great too. Look forward to seeing more things added in the near future.


Perry Yu


I want to thank
@Carlos Corona Jr
for giving personal attention to my application and get it approved @Aby (Unik) Thanks for sorting my billing issue with Unik360, excited to start my journey with you guys @Rose Thanks for the initial support and suggesting offers, will bug for a few days till I am successful in Pay per call


Anshuman Singh

Scaler Academy

I'm into CPS right now & doing good so far here. I've been quite busy and couldn't start my PayPerCall journey I've been wanting to start. Thanks to @Carlos Corona Jr for bringing out the UNIK360 in such an organized way. I'm currently watching the training and really liking it so far. Thanks to @Aby (Unik) for keeping it really simple and to the point.


Upendra Rathore

Chordius Digital LLP

Frequently Asked Questions

Unlimited means really unlimited ?

There are companies who offer unlimited and later bring on a fair usage policy restriction. We hate it as much as you and we ensure that there is no fair usage policy on any feature we marked as unlimited in this page.

Is there a refund policy ?

You can cancel services at any time but there are no refunds for any previous purchases.

How Does SMS & Call Recording Pricing Work?

All plans comes with preloaded each month with enough credit for about about 1008 texts or 937 mins in calls or 11846 emails. After the free credits its just $0.021 / min for calls and $0.0119 / sms segment.

Am I Locked Into Any Type of Contract?

No contracts, cancel any time. Login to your account , visit settings and go to "Company Billing" page to cancel your subscription when you want to cancel.

Is UNIK360 an alternative to ringba ?

No. UNIK360 has basic call tracking and call forwarding. If you want advanced call tracking, you need a Ringba account. Goal of UNIK360 is to help media buyers launch campaigns quickly and effectively.

Will it cost to purchase numbers ?

Yes. While, your plan may come with free credits to utilize for phone calls and sms. To purchase and maintain a number you need to pay extra fees. This varies from $0.50 to $2.5 depending on the GEO of your number.

Can I request new creatives in creative library ?

We do not currently entertain requests for custom videos or images. If you need us to tweak something in the images or videos you found in the Creatives Library, you can send a support ticket thru help.unikpublishers.com. Rest assured we will keep adding more creatives to the library every week.

How does support work ?

We have 24x7 live chat support for any technical questions. For training related questions, you can mail us at support@unik360.comPlease note that there is no 1-1 slack or facebook group support with the $97/mo plan.

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Everything You Need To Run Profitable Pay-Per-Call Campaigns, Training, Landing Pages , Follow-Ups , Automations, Creatives All In One

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